Always Moving Forward

*NOTE:  Honesty and integrity.  Fill the void  and create change.


Mindset Matters

Needs and desires, when not met, creates pain in our lives.

That pain creates a mental vacuum.

According to the laws of nature and physics, empty or unfilled spaces (vacuums) are unnatural. Wherever there is a void, the universe seeks to fill it. Turns out Aristotle was primarily right when he said “Nature abhors a vacuum”.

We have all heard and often use the thought that “necessity is the mother of all invention.” I know I have used it myself on numerous occasions.

This is what that means: A need creates a mental vacuum which the universe will move to fill with inspiring thoughts. The key is to have a receptive mind in order to be open to these thoughts.

These thoughts can inspire movement and creativity that will result in the fulfillment of the need.

We are always the central point of that creation. Nothing happens for us, without us. We are the spark, the beginning and the end

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are important when building relationships, whether personal, social or business.

Sometimes we forget that the most important person to show honesty and integrity to is ourselves.
We’re going to end up spending a lot of time beating our self up and picking our self up off the ground if we’re not honest with ourselves about:
  • what we want
  • where we’re going
  • what it’s going to take
  • and how much of that we’re willing to do
If you can drill down deep into what you want and how bad you want it, you will then be faced with the reality of whether you have what it takes to get you there.


The fact is we all do.  We all have what it takes.  But do we want it or do we just want to think we want it.


I’m currently demoing FXSignalsLive and learning how to earn with Forex.


I’ve also decided to go for more passive income with CryptoBitTrade with a second position.


I also have bitcoin with USI that has a lower entry point.  Obviously those packages earn slower, but 1% of something is better than 1% of nothing.


The word from professionals is that Bitcoin is heading for $6,000 per coin, so I want to buy into more now before it continues going up.


We are in the last quarter of the year and great things can happen in 90 days, if you plan it.


I’m happy with where I’m at and grateful for what I have.  It saddens me to see all the chaos in the world, both nature and human driven.  We must start with ourselves to effect change and a better future.  I hope you have a plan for yours.


Refuse to lose and you win.


Christy Ruffner

From Christy with Love

The Connections Coach
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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn
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