Are You Paying Attention?

*NOTE: The most important thing you do every day is to simply get started.


I won't face the day
I will not…

What would happen if the moment you opened your eyes in the morning you didn’t get up?  What if you just laid there, all day, everyday, and refused to get up?  You closed your eyes and made the decision…I’m not getting up today, and you did that everyday.

It would change your life.

What’s your routine?

What would happen if you didn’t do that first thing you do every morning when you first get up?

What would happen if you went through every day aimlessly, with nowhere to go and nothing to do…so you just didn’t!  Every day you just didn’t…what would your life look like?

Are you following my logic here?

Every day requires decisions.

You make them everyday without thought or consideration of how they impact your life.

What if you started living your life on purpose?  What if every move you made was on purpose, with a definite starting point, action and result?

Start with the simple things, like the actions you take everyday without thought.  Practice doing it on purpose with a conscious purpose that creates action and an ending result.

Consciously think about each aspect of the decision, action and result.

This will begin to create a habit that will bleed through into other aspects of your life.  It will begin to encourage creative thinking that will involve other areas of your life.

  • relationships
  • work
  • pleasure
  • business
  • family

Habits don’t just happen!

Habits are formed by doing, over and over and over and over.

Bad or good, habits need repetition.  Some are easier to form than others.  But that’s where your needs, wants, and desires come into play.  That’s where you start learning who you really are and how real the dream is.

Then you decide to build some new habits.

Refuse to lose and you win.


ChristyFrom Christy with Love

P.S.  Changing what you have, comes from changing who you are.

And changing who you are comes from changing what you think.

P.S.S.  Some of my best decisions I make on purpose, and they make me money.  Some passive and others require learning and applying.  It all builds me up, and my future forward.


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