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Always Moving Forward

*NOTE:  Honesty and integrity.  Fill the void  and create change.


Mindset Matters

Needs and desires, when not met, creates pain in our lives.

That pain creates a mental vacuum.

According to the laws of nature and physics, empty or unfilled spaces (vacuums) are unnatural. Wherever there is a void, the universe seeks to fill it. Turns out Aristotle was primarily right when he said “Nature abhors a vacuum”.

We have all heard and often use the thought that “necessity is the mother of all invention.” I know I have used it myself on numerous occasions.

This is what that means: A need creates a mental vacuum which the universe will move to fill with inspiring thoughts. The key is to have a receptive mind in order to be open to these thoughts.

These thoughts can inspire movement and creativity that will result in the fulfillment of the need.

We are always the central point of that creation. Nothing happens for us, without us. We are the spark, the beginning and the end

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are important when building relationships, whether personal, social or business.

Sometimes we forget that the most important person to show honesty and integrity to is ourselves.
We’re going to end up spending a lot of time beating our self up and picking our self up off the ground if we’re not honest with ourselves about:
  • what we want
  • where we’re going
  • what it’s going to take
  • and how much of that we’re willing to do
If you can drill down deep into what you want and how bad you want it, you will then be faced with the reality of whether you have what it takes to get you there.


The fact is we all do.  We all have what it takes.  But do we want it or do we just want to think we want it.


I’m currently demoing FXSignalsLive and learning how to earn with Forex.


I’ve also decided to go for more passive income with CryptoBitTrade with a second position.


I also have bitcoin with USI that has a lower entry point.  Obviously those packages earn slower, but 1% of something is better than 1% of nothing.


The word from professionals is that Bitcoin is heading for $6,000 per coin, so I want to buy into more now before it continues going up.


We are in the last quarter of the year and great things can happen in 90 days, if you plan it.


I’m happy with where I’m at and grateful for what I have.  It saddens me to see all the chaos in the world, both nature and human driven.  We must start with ourselves to effect change and a better future.  I hope you have a plan for yours.


Refuse to lose and you win.


Christy Ruffner

From Christy with Love

The Connections Coach
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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn
P.S.  Currently listening to “Trading in the Zone” By Mark Douglas on Audible
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The Simplest Way to Control Your Wealth

*NOTE:  Most people grow up, go to school and hit the job market with dreams of financial security and doing what they love everyday.  Others look for opportunities to build their dream off of someone elses back.  Smart ones take their financial future into their own hands and build something that doesn’t rely on anyone else, just their own actions.  But, that can be scary if you don’t believe in yourself.


What does your Freedom look like?

It’s me again.  Just checking in to see how you’re doing with your search for financial independence.

Have you conquered your fear and made a move on anything?  Have you found anything that gave you that confidence that you could do it?

2 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

I have found the simplest way to control wealth and create as much money, on demand, as I want.

Two totally separate ways to generate income that do not require recruiting or hard work.  The perfect combination right?

And, they don’t require a fortune to get started either, BINGO!  The perfect combination just got better.

Everything in life boils down to these…

It’s easy and simple, but takes a decision and action beyond that decision.  Everything we accomplish in life boils down to those two items.

  • nothing happens until a decision is made
  • no progress is made without an action taken on that decision

Drop dead simple strategy

I have something to share with you that is so drop dead simple a 14 year old could do it.  All you have to do is click the picture above and I’ll show it to you.  No commitment.  Don’t be afraid.  This isn’t a trick.

Learn a skill and it will pay you for life.  Or passively watch your income grow, hands off.

One, you control how fast and how much.  The other you have no control and the income is fixed.

Your choice.  Your decision.  Your action to take.

Refuse to lose and you win.



With Love from Christy


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Ethereum flash crash shows how risky new cryptocurrency markets are

Ethereum is rebounding, but not after a dramatic crash.

Image: Shutterstock / Wit Olszewski

The cryptocurrency market for Ethereum plummeted late Wednesday. This wasn’t a quick dip, but a flash crash that sent the price from $317 to a low of $0.10 in a matter of seconds.

Some people saw thousands of dollars in value disappear.

Image: Twitter

Things are back to normal, sort of. The price of ether, the cryptocurrency of the suddenly hot Ethereum platform, has since rebounded and is trading back at about $318.

The crash, however, remains as a big reminder that this is a volatile, new market. Plenty of people have made small fortunes investing in these markets, but the get-rich-quick stories belie the risks that the average person faces if they want to get in on these new digital currencies.

The vice president of GDAX, the Ethereum exchange which experienced the crash, blogged about the event, explaining that a “multimillion dollar market sell” was placed midday Wednesday. This triggered prices to fall from about $317 to $224 and 800 automatic stop loss orders to go throughthose are automatic sells set for when prices hit a certain amount.

Hence some people who didn’t even mean to sell ended up dumping their ether for a small percentage of what it had just been worth.

“We understand this event can be frustrating for our customers,” VP Adam White wrote.

Things went down fast. The trading price of ether dropped 99 percent in a second, but then rose back up, with traders who held onto their holdings coming out just fine.

Others were not so lucky.

If you’re interested in this market, use this as a learning experience. This is the wild west of investing. Exchanges like these are not mature. They’re still very new and much smaller than established stock markets. These exchanges are susceptible to huge swings like Wednesday’s flash crash. In a normal stock exchange, a multimillion sell wouldn’t throw everything off.

As Omega One, a crypto currency trading platform, noted, the crash shows the problems with these exchanges.

“The millions of dollars that investors lost due to forced selling of their positions will not be recovered. This incident highlights the relative immaturity of the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem,” the company wrote.

While casual investors are jumping onto the Ethereum and Bitcoin markets, it’s a risky place. You can bet on that.

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