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Are You Paying Attention?

*NOTE: The most important thing you do every day is to simply get started.


I won't face the day
I will not…

What would happen if the moment you opened your eyes in the morning you didn’t get up?  What if you just laid there, all day, everyday, and refused to get up?  You closed your eyes and made the decision…I’m not getting up today, and you did that everyday.

It would change your life.

What’s your routine?

What would happen if you didn’t do that first thing you do every morning when you first get up?

What would happen if you went through every day aimlessly, with nowhere to go and nothing to do…so you just didn’t!  Every day you just didn’t…what would your life look like?

Are you following my logic here?

Every day requires decisions.

You make them everyday without thought or consideration of how they impact your life.

What if you started living your life on purpose?  What if every move you made was on purpose, with a definite starting point, action and result?

Start with the simple things, like the actions you take everyday without thought.  Practice doing it on purpose with a conscious purpose that creates action and an ending result.

Consciously think about each aspect of the decision, action and result.

This will begin to create a habit that will bleed through into other aspects of your life.  It will begin to encourage creative thinking that will involve other areas of your life.

  • relationships
  • work
  • pleasure
  • business
  • family

Habits don’t just happen!

Habits are formed by doing, over and over and over and over.

Bad or good, habits need repetition.  Some are easier to form than others.  But that’s where your needs, wants, and desires come into play.  That’s where you start learning who you really are and how real the dream is.

Then you decide to build some new habits.

Refuse to lose and you win.


ChristyFrom Christy with Love

P.S.  Changing what you have, comes from changing who you are.

And changing who you are comes from changing what you think.

P.S.S.  Some of my best decisions I make on purpose, and they make me money.  Some passive and others require learning and applying.  It all builds me up, and my future forward.


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Square’s customizable debit cards are inspiring some slick art


When Square first unveiled its cash card earlier this year, the move had many people scratching their heads. What could a forward-thinking mobile payments app possibly want with an old-school plastic debit card?

Well, if nothing else, the cards are giving the San Francisco company some free social media advertising.

Their sleek, minimalist design and customizable face seem to have sparked something of an artistic trend on social media.

In designing the plastic rectangles, Square forwent all the usual identifying markers of a credit card card number, expiration date, printed name for stark black coloring interrupted only by a Visa logo, an RDIF chip, and a laser printed signature in the corner.

But, as Square’s more creatively inclined users are demonstrating, that space doesn’t necessarily have to contain a signature the company will print pretty much any drawing you submit within the bounds of decency.

Cardholders are posting custom designs adorned with everything from cartoon cats to shruggies to outdoor scenes. In fact, the corner canvas has become one of the biggest draws of the cards.

“The option to put my own custom drawing [or] signature was a huge selling point,” Kelly Robotoson, a freelance artist in Seattle, said in a Twitter direct message. He decided to tag his card with an anthropomorphic mountain.

To be clear, Square’s offering isn’t actually a debit card in a traditional sense. The cards don’t connect to a bank account but rather allow their holders to unload any balance accrued within the Square’s money-transfer app.

They seem to have inspired some of Square’s competitors. In the weeks since the card officially launched, Apple and Venmo have each announced their own plastic cards as accessories to their transfer payment services.

Check out some of the most original wallet-borne art pieces below:


Got the cool new #cashcard by @square

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LOL, got my #cashcard

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OMG Digital, the BuzzFeed of Africa, raises a seed round of $1.1M

Dominic Mensah, Prince Boakye Boampong, and Jesse Arhin Ghansah, the founders of OMG Digital

OMG Digital, the Ghana-based media startup dubbed the BuzzFeed of Africa, announced today that it has raised $1.1 million in seed funding. Its main site, OMG Voice, already has versions for Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, and the new capital will be used to expand into more countries.

OMG Digitals new investors are Kima Ventures, Soma Capital, Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund, Social Capital, M&Y Growth Partners, and Macro Ventures. Angel investors, including Josh Buckley of Mino Games, Will Sternlicht, entertainment lawyer Kenneth Hertz, and Off-Grid Electric founder Frances Xavier Helgesen, also participated. The startup was previously covered by TechCrunch last summer while taking place in Y Combinators accelerator program.

Launched by Jesse Arhin Ghansah, Prince Boakye Boampong, and Dominic Mensah in February 2016, OMG Voice now claims 4.5 million unique visitors each month. OMG Digital already has a team of 25 and plans to launch sites for South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania. Its seed capital will be used to support its expansion, produce more video content, and grow its advertising and marketing departments.

Ghansah and his co-founders started OMG Ghana in 2012 when they were in college. Smartphones were becoming more popular, but Ghansah had a hard time finding interesting things to read.

It was really frustrating for us because we would go online and all the content was just boring news and politics and stuff. So we wanted to create something for people like us, with listicles and lightweight content. Smartphones started to take off and Facebook became super popular as well, and thats why we started OMG, says Ghansah.

Most of the people online back then were youth like us. BuzzFeed and Mashable were doing things for millennials, but we couldnt really relate to their content, so we created something for ourselves.

At first, Ghansah, Boampong, and Mensah didnt see OMG Ghana as their main project, and tried to launch a microlending platform instead. But that struggled to get funding, while OMG Ghana began to gain more readers and make some money. The three decided to turn it into a media company and were accepted into Y Combinator. During their stint in the program last year, Ghansah says they learned how to be super bold.

We wanted to start from Ghana but they said to go to other countries. YC pushes you to take bigger risks and push yourself.


Ghansah adds that over a third of Africans are millennials, so OMG Digital has a lot of a potential readers. One challenge it faces that BuzzFeed doesnt, however, is the wide difference in languages and culture across Africa.

Though most things can be shared between the sites, every countrys version of OMG Voice has a lot of tailor-made content.For example, the Ghana site has headlines like 14 Times The Phrase Bye Felicia Was Just Too Perfect A Response In Ghana and 6 Badass Warriors From Ghana You Should Know, while Kenyan readers can click on 10 Reasons Why Kenyans Really Love Game Of Thrones and You Will Now Serve Jail Term In Kenya If You Are Found With A Plastic Bag.

There are a lot of cultural nuances and differences, but in some countries, there are some similarities, says Ghansah. Like Ghana and Nigeria are close in terms of culture, so its easy to create content for both of them. Kenyans and Tanzanians have similar cultures as well, so we are trying to tackle [expansion] just by going into the countries we are already in and finding the next closest market in terms of culture.

The company will begin with English-speaking markets before tackling French and other languages, with the goal of one day being present in every African country. OMG Voice already has a culinary vertical called ServePot, and plans to launch tech and lifestyle verticals as well. The company will also began building an events business, with meetups and startup conferences.

Like BuzzFeed and other similar companies, OMG Digital monetizes through digital marketing. Currently 80 percent of its ad sales are from banner ads, but as in other markets, its advertisers are seeing a smaller return on investment and looking for alternatives that are more suited to mobile screens (about 90 percent of OMG Digitals users access its content through mobile devices, in particular Android smartphones).

About 60 percent of OMG Digital users are between 18 to 24 years old and one of its value propositions is helping overseas companies figure out how to reach young African consumers in different markets (for example, in some countries Twitter is more popular than Facebook, so localized strategies need to take that into account). OMG Digital has already partnered with Coca Cola, Huawei, KFC, Philips, Pringles, and several of Africas largest telecoms, including MTN, on marketing campaigns and sponsored content.

We want to pioneer content advertising in Africa with major brands and its going good so far, says Ghansah. Brands are starting to get it and the next two years will be huge for us.

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New skyscraper will have London’s first ‘climbing window’

(CNN)Details of new London workplace concept Twentytwo have been revealed — and it’s wooing thrill-seeking entrepreneurs with the city’s first ever “climbing window.”

“We recognize the role of the office has changed, with workplaces now needing to do so much more than simply accommodate people,” says Sir Stuart Lipton, partner at Lipton Rogers Developments.
“They are becoming hubs for bringing colleagues together — ‘high-tech coffee shops’ where people meet, share, collaborate and develop ideas, strategies and solutions.”
Lipton adds: “Twentytwo will be a truly ‘social’ workplace with different spaces for people to socialize, focus and energize. It represents how we will all be working in the future.”
Designed by PLP Architecture, 22 Bishopsgate will contain workspace for 12,000 people, as well as a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, business club and cycle hub, and London’s highest free public viewing gallery.
Down on the ground, workers will also be able to enjoy an ‘art walk’ in the building’s triple-height lobby.
Twentytwo — which clocks up 1.275 million square foot of office space for a mix of small and large businesses, as well as startups — will be among the tallest buildings in the capital’s financial district when it is developed, on land previously earmarked for Pinnacle Tower.
Don’t dust off your climbing shoes just yet though — it’s not scheduled for completion until summer 2019.

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