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Are You Paying Attention?

*NOTE: The most important thing you do every day is to simply get started.


I won't face the day
I will not…

What would happen if the moment you opened your eyes in the morning you didn’t get up?  What if you just laid there, all day, everyday, and refused to get up?  You closed your eyes and made the decision…I’m not getting up today, and you did that everyday.

It would change your life.

What’s your routine?

What would happen if you didn’t do that first thing you do every morning when you first get up?

What would happen if you went through every day aimlessly, with nowhere to go and nothing to do…so you just didn’t!  Every day you just didn’t…what would your life look like?

Are you following my logic here?

Every day requires decisions.

You make them everyday without thought or consideration of how they impact your life.

What if you started living your life on purpose?  What if every move you made was on purpose, with a definite starting point, action and result?

Start with the simple things, like the actions you take everyday without thought.  Practice doing it on purpose with a conscious purpose that creates action and an ending result.

Consciously think about each aspect of the decision, action and result.

This will begin to create a habit that will bleed through into other aspects of your life.  It will begin to encourage creative thinking that will involve other areas of your life.

  • relationships
  • work
  • pleasure
  • business
  • family

Habits don’t just happen!

Habits are formed by doing, over and over and over and over.

Bad or good, habits need repetition.  Some are easier to form than others.  But that’s where your needs, wants, and desires come into play.  That’s where you start learning who you really are and how real the dream is.

Then you decide to build some new habits.

Refuse to lose and you win.


ChristyFrom Christy with Love

P.S.  Changing what you have, comes from changing who you are.

And changing who you are comes from changing what you think.

P.S.S.  Some of my best decisions I make on purpose, and they make me money.  Some passive and others require learning and applying.  It all builds me up, and my future forward.


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Always Moving Forward

*NOTE:  Honesty and integrity.  Fill the void  and create change.


Mindset Matters

Needs and desires, when not met, creates pain in our lives.

That pain creates a mental vacuum.

According to the laws of nature and physics, empty or unfilled spaces (vacuums) are unnatural. Wherever there is a void, the universe seeks to fill it. Turns out Aristotle was primarily right when he said “Nature abhors a vacuum”.

We have all heard and often use the thought that “necessity is the mother of all invention.” I know I have used it myself on numerous occasions.

This is what that means: A need creates a mental vacuum which the universe will move to fill with inspiring thoughts. The key is to have a receptive mind in order to be open to these thoughts.

These thoughts can inspire movement and creativity that will result in the fulfillment of the need.

We are always the central point of that creation. Nothing happens for us, without us. We are the spark, the beginning and the end

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are important when building relationships, whether personal, social or business.

Sometimes we forget that the most important person to show honesty and integrity to is ourselves.
We’re going to end up spending a lot of time beating our self up and picking our self up off the ground if we’re not honest with ourselves about:
  • what we want
  • where we’re going
  • what it’s going to take
  • and how much of that we’re willing to do
If you can drill down deep into what you want and how bad you want it, you will then be faced with the reality of whether you have what it takes to get you there.


The fact is we all do.  We all have what it takes.  But do we want it or do we just want to think we want it.


I’m currently demoing FXSignalsLive and learning how to earn with Forex.


I’ve also decided to go for more passive income with CryptoBitTrade with a second position.


I also have bitcoin with USI that has a lower entry point.  Obviously those packages earn slower, but 1% of something is better than 1% of nothing.


The word from professionals is that Bitcoin is heading for $6,000 per coin, so I want to buy into more now before it continues going up.


We are in the last quarter of the year and great things can happen in 90 days, if you plan it.


I’m happy with where I’m at and grateful for what I have.  It saddens me to see all the chaos in the world, both nature and human driven.  We must start with ourselves to effect change and a better future.  I hope you have a plan for yours.


Refuse to lose and you win.


Christy Ruffner

From Christy with Love

The Connections Coach
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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn
P.S.  Currently listening to “Trading in the Zone” By Mark Douglas on Audible
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Success Leaves Clues

*NOTE:  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, that success leaves clues.  But have you paid attention?


What’s the main difference between those who are ultra successful and those who just don’t cut it?  What are the mediocre in life missing?

I’ve watched the mindset of those who just believe that success is out of their reach.  It always depends on luck for them and they are the unluckiest people in the world – right?

It’s frustrating as hell to watch, because there’s no convincing them that they are just as capable as the next guy, that they are standing in their own way, with their mental attitude.

There are certain actions you must take if you want to turn things around.

Stay tuned here and you will find the steps to take and a game plan to use them to get you where you want to go.  Put the secrets I share with you into play and see how they change your life.

Refuse to lose and you win.



Go here if you want to crush it in life right now. From Christy with Love

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You’re Never Too Old To Dream

*NOTE: Letter to myself, dreaming in my 60’s


There is a science to Forex. It is teachable and therefore you can learn. There are tools for you to be able to do, so that you can understand and profit.

Never in a Million Years!

I had a discussions the other day with a friend…we were both saying how, never in a million years did we think we would be learning Forex in our 60’s.

I always believed Forex was too difficult and risky.  I never gave it any consideration because of that.

Then I saw a trusted mentor sharing some drop dead simple strategies that made me believe that even I could do this.

The financial world has always been like a foreign language to me.  I’ve never understood the simplest of concepts.  I had to break it down to black and white details.  The bottom line was always, did I make money or lose money.

I always figured I was meant for the 9-5 and nothing more.   But the 9-5 simply is not enough.  And I live a pretty meager lifestyle.  I’m happy with that lifestyle.  Yet the 9-5 doesn’t even provide for that meager lifestyle.

Do you feel me?  Are you there?

I put in the work, because I know I can.  If others can do it, so can I.  All anyone ever lacks is the desire.

Are you where you want to be?

If you’re not where you want to be, it’s only because you don’t want it bad enough.  The universe always, always brings you what you think and desire most.

Time to change your thoughts and walk in your dreams.

Success is not a young persons right. We all have the right to be successful. We’re never too old to dream.  And it’s okay to dream big!  The trick is to allow yourself to dream big enough.

Refuse to lose and you win.



With Love from Christy

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Mom Farts In Yoga Class, And Her Story Is So Embarrassing You Might Not Finish Reading It

Everyone has an embarrassing moment every once in a while, but this mom… Her moment was so embarrassing it’ll make you cry with laughter!

Mum on the Run blogger Laura Mazza has muscle separation and is trying to get in shape, so her doctor recommended trying yoga. Unfortunately, when Mazza came to her first class, it was a complete disaster. Despite the fact the everyone in her class had nice tight yoga pants and perfect pedicures while Mazza was showing off her “froddo feet” and hairy toes, she had a cringeworthy incident… “Somewhere between the dolphin position and the three legged dog two of those burning garbage eggs slip out and I fart,” Mazza shares. “I farted. I farted at yoga. I’m a walking cliche. My pelvic floor has failed me.” Fortunately, it was quiet and just maybe nobody noticed. But what happened next… It’s so mortifying it will make you cry with laughter! Keep on scrolling to find out!

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Russian Photographer Captures Beautiful Elderly Couple To Show That Love Transcends Time

Anyone who watched “Up” animation was probably thrilled by the love story of the elderly couple, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. In today’s times of liquid loves and disposable relationships, it is rare to see a long-lasting relationship.

This photo shoot, which was a performance and improvisation on the set, was made by a Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova. After these images were posted on Facebook, they were quickly shared worldwide with an extremely positive response. Sergei, who is 45-years-old, and Valentine, who is 62, created a beautiful love story which made everyone on the set cry. They have never been familiar before, however, they managed to take over the hearts of thousands of people, showing what our lives are really about. Scroll down to see this heartwarming photo shoot for yourself.

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You Could Ruin Your Career and Even Your Life with These 6 Toxic Mindsets

There is nothing drastic about making a mistake. It’s what you say to yourself after you mess up that matters. Your self-talk(how you feel about the outcome of your blunder) can either amplify the negativity or can contribute to turning that misstep into something productive.

Negative self-talk is unreal, redundant, and self-defeating. It sends you into a downwards spiraling of emotions that it are hard to pull out of.

All self-talk is driving home important sentiments that you believe about yourself. It represents an understated but strong role in success because it can both stimulate you forward to achieve your goals or it will most certainly hold you back.

As Henry Ford said, He who believes he can and he who accepts he cannot are both correct.

TalentSmart has experimented the feeling ability( EQ) of more than a million people and indicated that 90% of top performers are high in EQ. These successful, high EQ people possess a significant talent, the ability to recognize and control negative self-talk so that it doesn’t stop them from reaching their full capacity. This is something many of them learned in emotional intelligence training.

These successful people earn an average rate of $28,000 more annually than their low-grade EQ peers, get promoted more frequently, and receive higher marks on evaluation of results. This is connected with stronger leadership qualities and all these points result in an addition of $1,300 to an annual salary.

When it comes to self-talk, we’ve discovered six common, more poisonous, notions that hold people back more than any others. Be aware of your proclivity to succumb to these notions, so that they don’t thwart your job. 

Toxic Belief# 1: Perfection= Success

Human beings, by our very nature, are fallible. When purity is your goal, you’re always left with a nagging impression of downfall, and are brought to an end where you spend your time mourning what you failed to accomplish, instead of enjoying what you were able to achieve.

Toxic Belief# 2: My Destiny is Predetermined

Far too many people succumb to the highly foolish opinion that they are destined to supplant or disappoint. Induce no mistake about it, your destiny is in your own hands, and denouncing numerous achievers is nothing more than a cop out. Sometimes life will deal you a bad deck of cards, and others days you’ll be holding aces. Your willingness to give your all in playing any hand will bring your eventual success or omission in life.

Toxic Belief# 3: I Always or Never Do That

There isn’t anything in life that you always or never do. You may do something a good deal or not do something enough, but enclose your behaviour in terms of always or never is a flash of self-pity. It obligates you believe that you have no self-control of yourself and will never change. Don’t succumb to it.

Toxic Belief# 4: I Succeed When Others Approve of Me

Regardless of what people think of you at any particular instant, one thing is certain, you’re never as good or bad as they say you are. It’s inconceivable to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, but you can take people’s rulings with a grain of salt. That course, no matter what beings think about you, your self-worth comes only from within.

Toxic Belief# 5: My Past= My Future

Repeated failures can weaken your self-confidence and make it hard to believe you’ll achieve a better outcome in the future. Most of the time, these negative results are from taking perils and trying to achieve something that isn’t reliable. Just be kept in mind that success is currently in your ability to rise in the face of outage. Anything worth achieving is going to require you to take some risks, and you can’t earmark failure to stop you from believing in your ability to succeed.

Toxic Belief# 6: My Ardours= Reality

If you’ve read Emotional Intelligence 2.0, you know how to take an objective look at your sensibilities and separate point from story. If not, you might want to read it. Otherwise, your ardours will continue to skew your ability of world, constituting you vulnerable to the negative self-talk that can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

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