Passive Income Combined with Actionable Income

*NOTE:  What do I mean by that?  Two different income streams.  One that grows without my participation, the other that grows in direction proportion to the action I take.


Time to check in on my passive income and see what’s going on there.

Passive daily income
Passive Daily Income

Nothing to do here but watch it grow.  Half of the income will be held in reserve in order to be able to repurchase my package, once the package has earned it’s potential and I’ll start all over again.

Then I have my Forex Trading

This will take time and effort to learn the skill that will pay me over and over.  I will be able to scale this up and essentially write my own paycheck.

I have all the tools and the education at my fingertips, with all the support I need to get my questions answered.

Forex Trading and Pitchforks

My membership with I Markets Live provides me with top notch training from professionals in the industry.  But this particular training has an element of exclusivity and will not be easily found anywhere else, certainly not for the price we pay.  (It’s included in our IML subscription fee.)

So I’m starting on a new journey to build a skill that will allow me to trade with greater profit potential and lower risk.  It’s a style that makes your trading robotic and removes the emotion.  It’s all about the science of trading and takes the guess work out of your decisions.

Stay tuned for updates as I begin this journey.

Refuse to lose and you win.



From Christy with Love

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