Welcome To Connections

Christy RuffnerConnections…

This part of my website is new and in transition.

Regardless, I want to invite you to CONNECT with me and explore what we have to offer each other.

I am a teacher at heart and this blog will be about the connections we need to make and teaching newbies in the online industry with hands on training and tools they will be able to use to build a freedom lifestyle.

That’s why you’re here, right?

First let’s us make connections where I live…




A Little About Me and How
Connections Began

I have been online for over 10 years…trying various things and making my own connections with successful online marketers so that I could learn what they do and implement it in my own online marketing efforts.

Slowly but surely the pieces have been coming together and I feel I finally have a handle on the success part.

But I see so many new marketers struggling, not really know what direction to move in first and how to navigate the technical end of things.

Forget about just getting started, where do you go after that?guru

Trying to make connections with an online ‘guru’ is next to impossible, unless you have the resources to play BIG…and I do mean BIG.

So what is a newbie to do if what they are looking for is a little helping hand to get them started?

That’s where I come in.

Your Connections With Me Can Help You Build and Help Me Build Too

All I require is you being a team player and taking action on the things I teach.

What is that going to be, you may ask.  Well, building a business online is really all about building relationships…CONNECTIONS, and there are a lot of different places to do that.  It’s called Social Media.  And the more social media platforms you use the better.  The cool thing about that is they all integrate pretty good with each other.

  1. Facebook – (fan page)
  2. Google+ – Hangouts and Communities
  3. Youtube – live events
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. Flickr
  7. LinkedIn
  8. and more…

I’m sure your eyes are glazing over right about now, and your heart is palpatating out of fear…but no need.  We take each one individually and build systematically.

Connections Grew Out Of Necessity

I needed a place where I could easily create an ongoing resource for my team to help them grow.  Connections is that place.