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Mentor ~ an experienced and trusted adviser


'If you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want” ~ Zig Zigler

If content is King then it goes to reason that value is Queen.

The key is to find what you have within yourself of value that will become the content.  Because each of us has to do what we can do best.  We can't compare ourselves to anyone else, only ourselves.  And so it really is a key point that we know who we are and recognize our strengths. 

  • Leverage video to create your brand.
  • Build multiple streams of income by connecting to your audience.
  • You can do this whether you have internet experience or not.
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Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to find the outer edge of our comfort zones and stretch beyond that.

For a seed to germinate and grow strong, it must fall on cultivated ground.  The cultivation is sometimes painful and messy...but in order to become the best version of ourselves we must endure the hardship of cultivation.

Relationships are the cornerstone

Whether it's business or whether it's personal we get the greatest value out of life through the relationships we build.

They become the mirror for us to see into the deepest parts of ourselves.   They are the spring board to catapult us to greater heights.  They create in us a more powerful desire to dig deeper and aspire to greater things.

Leaders are readers, those who listen are inspired

Our mentors tell us to read and listen to audio every day, and there's a reason for that.  Because it feeds our soul and it keeps our eyes on something bigger than ourselves.  It keeps us uplifted and keeps us from the discouragement we can sometimes fall under if we keep our eyes on the wrong things.

By feeding our minds with the inspiration of great thinkers we build a foundation from which our own great thoughts can rise. 

Our thoughts give birth to powerful emotions that become the words we speak. 

Our words are the essence of who we become. 

If there are certain things that we want from life, we have to be willing to pay the price.  We have to be willing to do the work.  We have to be willing to go the distance.



You can do this with video:



Who is Christy Ruffner

I have been online for over 15 years and have taught myself to build web sites, blog, advertise, do email marketing and more.  It is an ongoing education that grows as I do. 

I love to help those who do not know what I know.  If this is you I welcome you to my website.


There is no such thing as failure...only opportunities from life to get feed back on whether what you are doing is working or not.

There is no try.  To try is to not do.  There is either do or do not.  No try!

Building a business that will change your life is a process.  It does not happen over night.  It is not magic and there are no secrets.  Take it one step at a time.  Stick with something long enough to know whether it will work.  Often times our fear holds us back.  In everything you start do not move on to the next thing until you have accomplished the task at hand.

If you need to, ask questions.  Once you have asked, do not wait for the answer...continue to figure it out on your own.  To tell the master, never mind...I got this...that is the greatest accomplishment.

Celebrate the small victories.  Know that each step forward is something to be congratulated on. 

The typical response to adversity is to quit, to be lazy, to make excuses. 

We are not typical!



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